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Capoeira workshops for primary and secondary schools | Red Panda Workshops

Capoeira Dancers are also available to run workshops and lessons within schools. Association of Capoeira Engenho da Rainha (ACER) has been providing Capoeira lessons in schools for 6 years. All our instructors are CRB checked and have years of experience of working with children and young adults.

Capoeira is a fusion of fitness, acrobatics, self-defense, dance and music. Capoeira has been recently popularised in ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Blade’, ‘Ocean’s 12’, ‘Mission Impossible 2’, ‘Cat Woman’, MTV Popmusic Videos and even Play Station games. This recent popular exposure means Capoiera can has been able to enthuse a wide range of students, even those previously uninterested in physical education.

Each Capoeira workshop consists of:

10-15 min warm up and stretches (with games sometimes)

Defense Movements

Kicks (no contact)

Capoeira Acrobatics

Combination of movements

Sequence creation

RODA (when 2 people perform together the movements to live Capoeira music)


Afro dance

Students will have the opportunity to learn about the music, history and language (Brazilian Portuguese) of Capoeira whilst improving fitness and agility. Capoeira provides a platform for personal achievement, improving self-esteem and creativity.

Introducing Capoeira to your school’s physical education plan allows the introduction of cultural variety and exciting diversity. One workshop will usually run for two hours.

Available for nursery, colleges, primary and secondary schools

FAQ (workshops)

1- At school workshops, a member of staff must stay with the pupils during

the course of the workshop.

2 – For dance, acrobatics and martial arts the pupils should wear PE kit.

3 – For dance workshops, the client has to provide a sound system, CD

player or I-pod player.

4 – We have active Public Liability Insurance.

5 – Our instructors have a recent CRB /DBS check, First Aid Training, Risk

Assessment training and a Child Protection Policy.

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