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Carnival Band


Brazilian Samba Drumming Percussion 

The workshops teach how to play samba-reggae instruments and Brazilian carnival instruments.

Learning about the history and mythology of samba-reggae and percussive arts, the workshops are an educational force of Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous culture, which encompasses a taster in all forms of music, dance and ancient practises derived from many different cultures in Brazil. 

Our workshops are designed for one day events in schools and for corporate days, where the students are encouraged to perform in a group at the end of the day to a receptive audience of parents, teachers and work colleagues.


Our workshop starts with an introduction from our instructor and also about what the students will learn in the workshops then the instruments will be handed out for each student to start practising and learning.


All Levels and Ages are welcome.

Brazilian Percussion Workshops
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Red Panda School Workshops UK
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