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Book African Dance Workshops

Red Panda Agency Workshops African dance sessions in schools are enriched with a variety of movements as routines. Some require lots of energy and intensity while others are more calm and gentle with an element of grace & beauty as the main motive. These African dance workshops can be facilitated with accompaniment of professional drummers playing traditional music that enhances the intensity, energy and beauty of the dance. Depending on the budget, less facilitators can also be used.


Typical Workshop Process:  


The students will be taken through a series of warm-up exercises to get them physically and mentally prepared for the dance session.


The children to learn some simple African Dance songs so they can get the feel of the music they are about to dance along to.


The introduction of the clapping then helps them to pick up the rhythm. We can provide pupils with African costumes as props and these help to compliment and accentuate the dance movements.


The workshops gets students to learn the history of the dance and rhythms for their future reference during the session.


This gives them an understanding of traditional life and culture in Africa.


There is a positive contribution in the overall health, fitness and lifestyle campaign with in the society, so through African dance school workshops this is achieved, hence a benefit.


As professionals with vast experience, the African dance workshops sessions will be beneficial to the children as they are uplifting and act as a motivation to enhance activity and participation. Therefore these definitive and  generally high –intensity movements around the waist, shoulders, chest and foot that correspond to the sounds of African drums or music are unusual but are exhilarating especially for story telling and ceremonies. Furthermore this team-working of pupils as a group, means they take part in a dance routine incorporating elements of traditional African dance and movement.

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