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Chinese New Year Workshops 

Dear Teachers,


It might still be a while away but we're now taking bookings for Chinese New Year.


To celebrate, we're offering Chinese dance, music, martial arts and circus workshops together with a few new offerings. In 2019 our Chinese New Year workshops were really successful, we want to make 2020 even better and have added some new workshops for you to choose from. Each workshop will incorporate traditional Chinese dance, art, music, kung-fu or acrobatics. During the dance workshops, our artists can help your pupils create an exciting dance performance which, if you wish, can be showcased at the end of the school day for everyone to enjoy.  We encourage schools to ask all pupils to wear red, as the colour is traditionally worn at New Year in China to bring good fortune and prosperity, to the workshop sessions.


Our workshops are available for all age groups - from nurseries and primary schools to secondary schools and colleges - and will be tailored to your pupils' abilities.




Chinese Lion dance 

Chinese Tai chi 

Chinese Kung-fu 

Chinese Ribbon fun dance 

Chinese acrobatics 

Chinese Umbrella 

Chinese Long sleeves Dance

Chinese Percussion 

Chinese Zheng 

Chinese Dulcimer 

Chinese Lute 

Chinese Storytelling 

Chinese Paper Cutting 

Chinese Origami 

Chinese Beijing Opera 

Chinese Tea Ceremony 

Chinese Music 

Chinese Painting 

Chinese circus skills

Chinese Fan Dance

Chinese folk songs

Chinese Contemporary Dance

Chinese Classic Dance

Peacock Dance

Chinese music and instruments performing

Calligraphy Workshop

Asian Drum Workshop

Tibetan Dance

Mongolia Dance

Chinese Painting

Chinese Opera Masks Making

Chinese New Year Graffiti Theme (material will be provided by our artist) The children can take the graffiti art home.


Full day workshops run from 9am to 3pm. We also offer half day workshops (9am to 12pm). We are able to offer discounts for schools who make multiple bookings.



1 - At school workshops, a member of staff must stay with the pupils during the course of the workshop. We also recommend maximum of 30-35 children per session.

2 - For dance, acrobatics and martial arts the pupils should wear PE kit or non-restrictive red clothing.

3 - For dance workshops, we ask that you provide a sound system, CD player or speaker which can be connected to an i-phone/i-pad.

4 - We have active Public Liability Insurance and our instructors have a recent DBS check.

5 - For drumming workshops the school is responsible for providing adequate parking for the artist, or should indicate where the artist should unload the drums and park the van prior to the day of the workshop.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards

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Chinese New Year Workshops
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