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Chinese new year workshops for primary and secondary schools | Red Panda Workshops

Chinese New Year in 2018 is on Friday, the 16th of February (16/2/2018).

We have availability for bookings from 20th January 2018 - 27th February 2018

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we're offering dance, music, martial arts, circus workshops and much more.

Each workshop will incorporate traditional Chinese dance, art, music, kung-fu or acrobatics. During the dance workshops, our artists can help your pupils create an exciting dance performance, which, if you wish, can be showcased at the end of the school day for everyone to enjoy. We encourage schools to all the children to wear red to their dance sessions


Lion dance - £370 (full day)

Kung-fu - £350 (full day)

Ribbon fun dance £350 (full day)

Chinese acrobatics £350 (full day)

Umbrella - £350 (full day)

Long sleeves - £350 (full day)

Chinese Percussion - £380 (full day)

Chinese Zheng - £350 (full day)

Chinese Dulcimer - £350 (full day)

Chinese Lute - £350 (full day)

Chinese Storytelling - £360 (full day)

Paper Cutting - £350 (full day)

Origami - £350 (full day)

Beijing Opera - £350 (full day)

Chinese Tea Ceremony - £350 (full day)

Chinese Music - £380 (full day

Half day workshops - £250 - £300

Available for nursery, colleges, primary and secondary schools

FAQ (workshops)

1- At school workshops, a member of staff must stay with the pupils during

the course of the workshop.

2 – For dance, acrobatics and martial arts the pupils should wear PE kit.

3 – For dance workshops, the client has to provide a sound system, CD

player or I-pod player.

4 – We have active Public Liability Insurance.

5 – Our instructors have a recent CRB /DBS check, First Aid Training, Risk

Assessment training and a Child Protection Policy.

Red Panda Workshops +44 (0)2035605893 +44 (0)7851764628

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Red Panda School Workshops UK
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